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Digitized Texture

Touch Probe and Laser Digitizing


Using Conventional Touch Probe and Non-Contact Laser digitizing we have the ability to capture part geometry with a resolution of .0004". Once the data has been scanned or digitized, we can output as a point cloud, 2D or 3D curve, spline, and surface data. Then, once it has been scanned or digitized, we can output as a point cloud, IGES curve, or polygon (STL format).

Scanning Textures

Textures Can Be Scanned From

  • An Existing Work Piece or Part
  • Blocks of Wood or Bark
  • Rock or Concrete Slabs
  • Drywall or Stucco
  • Metal or Stamped Surface
  • The possibilities are endless!

Using the digitized information, we can provide you with a graphic representation of the digitized objects, enlargement or reduction of size, mirrored image, male/female conversion, and complex surface development for product design. The scanned data can also be downloaded to various CAM software formats for tool path generation. All data can be forwarded or transferred via the Internet (FTP), CD-ROM, or other compatible media. Wisconsin Engraving has the knowledge, expertise, and total capacity to work with you from design through manufacturing.

Scanned Texture Example