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Marking Stamp

Embossing Stamps

Embossing stamps are used to create a raised or sunken (debossing) surface on thin material made from metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, or brass. This is done by creating a male and female stamp that will mark material surfaces on both sides. With this method, it is possible to emboss a clean image on either side of the surface (opposed to just one if a marking stamp was used).

Marking Stamps

Steel Embossing

Our steel embossing dies for the decorative nameplate industry are of the best quality.

We Provide:

  • Nameplate tooling needs from start to finish
  • Complete die tuning
  • Assistance in building complete dies
  • Artwork to your graphics department
  • Insert blocks from our tool room

Not only do we provide tool and die makers with engraved embossing blocks, we can also handle complete tooling for the OEM.

Our knowledgeable and experienced production and technical experts apply recognized standards of quality throughout all phases of our production process; assuring that our customers will receive "to the print" finished products. Our full tool room will handle building your block and nameplate needs from start to finish and can assist in building complete dies. If needed, artwork can be shared with your graphics department.



Roll Embossing

Embossing rolls can be created to texture on one or two sides of your product. Our experience allows us to create a variety of sizes and depths, even while embossing complex textures.

Embossing Roll Embossing Roll  

It takes experience to create male and female rolls that work together to create a pattern without distortion. Our experienced technicians utilize state of the art machinery that creates precise geometry to ensure that our embossing rolls can match even the most demanding specifications. Dies will be delivered tuned and ready for your manufacturing press.

  • Transfer Your Design to Almost Any Surface
  • We Guarantee Accurate Reproduction
  • Choose From a Wide Variety of Blanks

Use Embossing Rolls For:

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Linoleum
  • Paneling
  • And many more applications