85yrs of Service


Mold Repair

Texture and Cosmetic Repair

Specializing in texture and cosmetic repair, our knowledgeable team has decades of experience performing repair work to molds. We specialize in mold polishing, parting line fixes, engineering changes, and repairing damaged texture. By utilizing the latest technology and repair methods we maintain our competitive edge while offering cost savings to customers. This ensures a working relationship that promotes trust and satisfaction to all involved!

We Repair

  • Scrapes and Scarring
  • Texture Undercuts to Aid Part Ejection
  • Texture Damage from Welding
  • Worn Texture from Injection Wear
  • Parting Line Burrs
  • Polishing Inconsistencies

On-Site Repair at Your Facility

Small texture damage can be repaired on-site. Call 262-786-4521 for pricing and availability.