Machining Capabilities at Wisconsin Engraving Co.

At Wisconsin Engraving, we have perfected the skill of precision machining. We offer CNC milling 3-axis and 4-axis capabilities and CNC EDM, and in recent years, we’ve included a 5-axis CNC laser ablation process for texture and engraving applications.

We continue to invest in our capabilities to serve our customers with the precision and quality they deserve. The CNC field is always changing and growing within our industry, and we are committed to continuous improvement as well.

Our skilled personnel will work together with your team to ensure the result is exactly what you’re looking for. Quality, commitment, care, and cost are all key components to your success.

Precision CNC milling

  • Haas VM-2
    • HRT210 4th axis rotary
    • X=30″, Y=20″, Z=20″
    • A-axis:  360°
    • Spindle 12,000 RPM
  • Haas VF-2SSYT
    • HRT210 4th axis rotary
    • X=30″, Y=20″, Z=20″
    • A-axis:  360°
    • Spindle 12,000 RPM
  • Sharnoa M32 S – High-speed CNC machining center with Archimedes controls
    • X= 40″, Y=24″, Z=24″
    • Spindle 30,000 RPM

Precision 5-axis CNC Laser

  • AgieCharmilles Laser P Series 1000 U
    • X=39.4″, Y=21.6″, Z=34.6″
    • A-axis – Tilt:  +180° to -210°
    • B-axis:  360°
  • AgieCharmilles Laser P Series 1200 U
    • X=47.25″, Y=35.4″, Z=47.25″
    • A-axis – Tilt:  +180° to -210°
    • B-axis:  360°

Texture Inspection

  • Keyence Digital Microscope – VR Series


  • Rhino – Rhinoceros 3D
  • Rizom UV Mapping
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • SolidWorks
  • SURFCAM – 3D CAD/CAM  3-axis, 4-axis capable


  • Mitsubishi 55J CNC EDM – 16 Tool changer, X=48″, Y=24″, Z=24″
  • Mitsubishi 35J CNC EDM – 24 Tool changer, X=14″, Y=10″, Z=12″
  • Mitsubishi 25J CNC EDM – 24 Tool changer, X=14″, Y=10″, Z=12″
  • Mitsubishi EA12E CNC EDM – 15 Tool changer, X=16”, Y=12”, Z=12”

Sinker EDM

  • Hansvedt Benchman EDM – X=6″, Y= 8″, Z=10″
  • Hansvedt Tradesman EDM – X=10″, Y=13″, Z=10″
  • Hansvedt Master EDM – X=16″, Y=20″, Z=12″
  • Cincinnati Milacron Electrojet 18E with HANSVEDT Controls
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