5-Axis Laser Texturing

A World of Possibilities

Wisconsin Engraving has continually invested in the future, and part of that future is 5-Axis Laser Texturing/Ablation. This technology has allowed us to tackle challenges that our competition won’t touch. Additionally, with our in-house 5-Axis laser technology, we can innovate with our customers without compromise and help speed up our customers’ time to market while reducing our environmental impact.

How the process works:

1. 3D Model

First we start with your CAD. Preferably in a native, STP, or IGES format.

2. Selection / Development of Textures

We work with an extensive catalog of predeveloped textures, giving you countless options to choose from. We also work with grayscale images in a file format that provides us depth, resolution, and quality. We can work with artwork designed directly into the CAD, with the ability to extract the art or geometry that you are looking for.

3. Applying Textures

We work with you to decide which textures, engravings, and markings go where on your part.

Do you want a geometric pattern in one area, a natural grain in another, a microstructure in a discrete location while applying QR codes, and anti-counterfeit features? With Wisconsin Engraving, it’s all possible!

4. Execution

Now that textures and surfaces have been chosen, we extract those surfaces, apply the callouts, and then have the opportunity to show you the renderings. That way, you can be confident that your final part will look exactly the way you want it.

Our Capabilities

  • AgieCharmilles Laser P 1000
  • AgieCharmilles Laser P 1200

Typical Applications

  • Medical Molds
  • Automotive molds
  • Bottle Cap Molds
  • Multi-cavity Molds
  • Gun Grip Molds
  • Firearms customization
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