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Texturing Examples

If it can be drawn, it can be textured

At Wisconsin Engraving, we love challenging work from our customers. We're built from the ground up to handle the most complex, difficult projects imaginable. If it can be drawn, it can be textured. Impossible is simply not in our vocabulary.

Texturing Benefits

  • Improve Your Product's Cosmetic Value
  • Eliminate Molding Blemishes
  • Conceal Heat Check, Flow, and Sink Marks
  • Maintain Gloss Level
  • Improve Scuff Resistance

Texture Options Include

  • Leather Grain
  • Geometric Patterns
  • Wood Grain
  • Pebbles and Scales
  • Layered Texture
  • Cosmetic Texture and more

Texturing also benefits the manufacturing process by eliminating blemishes from moldings. Texturing conceals heat-check marks, flow marks and sinks marks. It maintains the desired gloss level and improves the scuff resistance of a part.